You Can Think What You Like

Up until now I’ve posted a few photos and had a moan about the weather. But I thought that perhaps it was time to put finger to keyboard and type something of significance.

I’ve always been fascinated and horrified by people who ‘blog’ for some considerable time. There are those who kindly share their thoughts and experiences in the hope of entertaining the world or perhaps providing some sort of service. I love to read something that’s obviously well written, funny or that comes from a unique or quirky perspective. One of the blogs that I’ve started to follow is someone who produces a Top Ten of photos of various things . Russell has just produced a really love top ten of photos of snow men. I’ve no idea how he goes about finding these photos, but the point is that the blog is about edifying people and building them up

A man that I know, John DeChristopher has recently retired as the VP of Artist Relations for The Zildjian Company in Boston, USA. John had the job that I always wanted, working for the company that I always wanted to work for. He was responsible for (amongst many other things) for supporting the famous drummers that chose to use Zildjian cymbals over the years. To supply them with equipment when they travelled round the world, listen to their ideas and turn them into musical instruments and to make the most of their professional relationship to the benefit of the Zildjian Company. John recently retired and in between making and drinking the perfect Espresso and watching the Rockford files, John is punctuating his retirement and pondering his next move with writing a very informative blog about his many years of experience. I love it and read it avidly whenever he writes.

I’ve also read some horrendous blogs over the years. Blogs written by people who are full of their own self importance, who actually think that their spiteful, nasty opinion is of any significance at all to the human race. People, who waste their time trying to destroy others, pick apart theology, philosophy or attack those whose opinions differ from theirs. I won’t waste my time reading what they have to say and I can’t understand why anyone would waste theirs time absorbing someone else’s negativity.

There was a time that if your writing was published then your authority or expertise had been proven. You had to be a good writer to get your novel printed, an amazing chef to get your cook book produced or a professor or doctor to have your text book read by people. Sadly, now it’s not the case. Any famous face or name can have a book published; even Ricky from Eastenders has a cook book for sale. How many years behind the stove he’s actually done is up for debate, but I think you get my point. With the advent of the internet, it’s never been easier to get published or become a self certified expert on just about anything from playing a songo to making bread. If you’re not sure what a songo is (it’s not rude, I promise) go on to You Tube and type in ‘How to play a Songo’ and someone will have prepared some material to enlighten you!. None of it will be factually accurate but it might make you laugh.

It’s never been easier to share your opinion with the world and the world takes your opinion and treats it as a FACT! Now that I’m approaching the middle ages of my life I actually find myself trying to avoid other people’s opinions, in truth I’m sick of it. I want evidence and fact, corroborated testimony based on years of experience and time thinking carefully and analysing the results. I’m not being rude, I don’t care what you think and truthfully I don’t care if you don’t like what I think. It’s all cool, baby!

So before you accuse me of hypocrisy, this blog isn’t about my opinion, it’s about me practising my writing. Something I’m very passionate about and something I really want to get better at. Of course it features what I think, but don’t confuse me with being an authority on anything, I’m not. I play drums quite well; I can cook to a reasonably high standard and as a father of 7 kids, I’ve changed a few nappies, but that doesn’t qualify me to tell you how to park your car. So if you’re reading, thank you kindly for your time. I appreciate you clicking on my meaningless drivel, you’re welcome to think whatever you like about it, just keep it to yourself.

So, with the ground rules established, I’ll try and get round to something of substance.


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2 Responses to “You Can Think What You Like”

  1. Russell Deasley Says:

    Thank you so much for the very kind words, I really appreciate hearing just nice things. (lets face it who wouldn’t!)

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